Payday loans in the post office


Until now, anyone who wanted to borrow money via the Internet had to have a bank account that was credited with the borrowed money after verification. However, not everyone has an account or does not even want someone to learn that they use payday loans.

That is why more and more companies meet the requirements of their clients and offer quick payday loans ready for collection at every post office.

Instant delivery to the reception in the post office

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Contrary to fear, we can collect the payday loan at the cash desk , at the post office, as quickly as by regular bank transfer. The client’s verification, with the momentum received at the post office, consists of sending the client a contract in advance (sometimes it is signed at the post office), then the client’s details are confirmed by a courier or an employee of the post office.

Going to collect the payday loan to the post office, you should bring your ID card with you.

Loans from collection at the post office – comparison of offers

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SMS Loan

Here the customer’s identity is confirmed by courier, and we can collect money at the post office. At present, the company offers loans with an installment repayment system, but we can arrange to borrow USD 1,000 and repayment in two installments. When collecting cash at the post office, no additional costs or commissions are charged.

Credit Loan

The company offers a quick loan up to USD 1,500, with a monthly repayment period. We submit the application online. The consultant will call you on the telephone number provided and present the offer. Here, we can also arrange to collect money at the company’s headquarters or at the post office.

Installment loans as proof without a bank account

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We can also go to the post office to collect a non-bank loan with an installment repayment system. Companies that offer quick, non-bank loans for a larger amount, with repayment in installments, include: Willoan, Cash Immediately, Takeloan.

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