Convenience stores

Have convenience stores become quick service restaurants?

The idea of ​​your local 7-11 or Publix becoming the next McDonald’s or Burger King might not be a stretch, according to Dive at the restaurant.

Restaurant Dive reports that it’s “very possible” that convenience stores will become the next quick-service restaurant in the future. Reports show that many customers view convenience stores the same way they view fast food restaurants – in fact, 30% of consumers buy fast food from a convenience store every time they visit. While the report notes that gas stations are able to keep a “captive” customer base, as many customers can’t go anywhere until they’ve finished pumping gas, convenience stores are also generating profits by offering a wider selection. You can buy just about anything from a hot dog, a huge cup of soda, or a bag of chips and a handful of candy.

The growth of convenience stores in the fast food market is not recent. Online catering business reported that in 2011, convenience stores were beginning to expand their food options, putting some pressure on an already heavily saturated fast food market. In 2014, Convenience store news noted that a large number of consumers surveyed (53%) felt that food purchased at a convenience store was much higher quality than what they could get at a normal fast food outlet.

While there’s nothing wrong with buying burgers at your local convenience store, there are certain foods that are best avoided just to be safe.