Invenco and Centrapay partner for digital pump payments


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Auckland, New Zealand – Invenco, a global provider of self-checkout technologies and customer engagement products, has partnered with Centrapay to enable pay-at-the-pump terminals to accept digital payments. Both Centrapay and Invenco are New Zealand-based companies that provide payment products and services in the United States.

Integration between Centrapay’s merchant payments system and Invenco’s iNFX retail microservices enables fuel retail outlets to transact using digital currencies, including digital wallets, point of sale and merchants, rewards programs, etc. The payment network operates on the Invenco G6 and G7 pay-at-the-pump terminals with transaction processing through the Invenco Electronic Payment Server (EPS) retail microservices offering.

“Centrapay is an impressive demonstration of what the future of payments looks like across the retail market. Their user experience offering is compelling and their agile system is a valuable addition to Invenco’s convenience store microservices offerings, ”said Nathan Barnett, Asia Pacific Business Development (APAC) manager for Invenco.

“This partnership allows the evolution of card payments towards applications. Fuel companies, gift card providers and consumer payment apps can now easily transact their own assets, currencies and products. With just a few lines of code, Invenco and Centrapay deliver a personalized, digital and data-driven payment experience, ”said Jérôme Faury, Founder of Centrapay.

Invenco is a provider of self-service payment technologies and customer engagement tools. Invenco’s international headquarters are located in Auckland, New Zealand.

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