Mini-Business Boom in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia Brings “Some Luster and Shine to Town”


GLACE BAY, NS – It has been a while since the corner of Commercial and Main Street in Glace Bay, NS. did not hear the sounds of live music.

The hustle and bustle in the heart of downtown Glace Bay is something that has given new life to the old coal mining town.

The community is experiencing a small commercial boom, an economic recovery that the city has not experienced for several years.

Several businesses are either under construction or newly opened, all during a pandemic.

Tamlyn Campbell and Julia MacMillan have moved from Ottawa to start their new business, which includes a beer garden with all the local artisanal foams and an indoor restaurant that will soon open in December.

“My roots are in this city. My mother is from here, my grandfather is from here and when I was given the opportunity to give back like that and create something that will put a little sparkle and shine in the city, I felt like it was a good thing to do, ”says Campbell.

“I really think it’s the perfect transition. People don’t have to go inside yet, they can still feel safe outside and have a good time, ”says MacMillan.

This is not the only new business in Glace Bay.

Just down the road, the new Talo on Ice restaurant is ready to deliver inside the newly renovated Miners’ Forum.

Construction of a new A&W is underway, and nearby space is being cleared for a new gas station and convenience store.

Robin’s Donuts has also just opened downtown.

“I’m just talking to some of the new young people who are new entrepreneurs in town, they want to try something new, create jobs with new businesses,” Coun said. Ken Tracey.

“Young people have energy and they’re not afraid to take risks, so it’s pretty exciting.”

Fueled by coal mining, Glace Bay was once Canada’s largest city in terms of population.

But those days are long gone, doctors are hard to find, the local hospital emergency department is closed much of the time, and the region has been in economic depression since the mines closed.

“For the most part, this has been a struggle for many businesses, and to see new businesses and old businesses shining the spotlight on the community is a pleasure to see,” Tracey said.

“We are thrilled to be a part of it. We’ve always thought that a food truck in a parking lot is fine, but five food trucks in a parking lot work great and we want to see that success in other people. We would be happy to see that other bars are open restaurants on the Strip, ”says Campbell

And while there’s no reason business is booming, Tracey says it means more tax revenue for a cash-strapped municipality.

The housing market in Glace Bay has also been hot. Tracey says a lot of people can work from home now, so a lot of people living outside are going home.

All leading to a busy and active summer.

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