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Monkey drinks alcohol after snatching it from customers, people say

Until now you must have seen and heard of monkeys snatching goods from worshipers in religious places, but today we are going to show you the action of this Rae Bareli monkey snatching alcohol from people who come to the liquor store and get lost. The store operator repeatedly complained to officials about it, but the officers advised him to kill and drive him away.

The liquor trader operating in the Achalganj development block of Gaura district is very upset about this monkey swallowing liquor by putting a bottle of liquor in his mouth. He snatches this liqueur from customers who come to the shop and swallows it with great fervor. When the trader chases him, he runs to bite. Concerned traders complained to department officials.
The store clerk, Shyam Sundar said that this monkey kept his forbidden life, enters the store, takes the alcohol and drinks it. Alcohol is also snatched from customers and drunk. When complaints are made to senior officials, they don’t listen.

District Excise Officer Rajendra Pratap Singh said efforts are being made to catch this monkey with the help of Forestry Department, soon customers will get rid of this problem.

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