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Pennsylvania Wine and Liquor Customers Offered Biggest Discount Ever

Food prices can skyrocket, but in Pennsylvania, customers shopping for wines and spirits can find great deals.

All state liquor stores are offering 50% off over 3,300 wines, spirits and paraphernalia. They are available for purchase in stores and on

Sale items will remain at their reduced price until they are sold out, according to Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board spokesman Shawn M. Kelly. “We’ve had sales like this before, just like any other retailer,” Kelly said. “It’s the first time everything’s been 50% off, though.”

“A lot of products are brands that people know,” Kelly said. “We’re thrilled to bring this opportunity to our customers. It’s not every day that we get to put so many products on sale like this.”

What types of products are on sale?

Customers can visit to determine what clearance products are offered online and view product availability in-store. Orders on totaling more than $99 are eligible to receive free shipping to any address in Pennsylvania, excluding one other liquor store.

Kelly didn’t know how much of the total inventory was on sale, saying it would be different for each store. “That’s a fair amount,” he said, adding that the reason for the sale was to clear inventory and storage space to make room for holiday orders.

Nick Perseo, 31, looks at some varieties of wines and spirits down 50% at the Fine Wines & Good Spirits store at Yorktown Plaza in Millcreek Township on October 5, 2022. A store official told the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board mark wine vintages that may need to move to make room for new products.  Perseo, from Erie, said a friend sent him the link with information about the sale, so he decided to check it out.

“November and December are our biggest months of the year,” Kelly said.

“Holidays are coming, winter graduations, birthdays, Christmas,” Kelly added. “We encourage them to shop while the selection is good because some of these items will sell out.”

Beaver Valley Liquor and Wine Stores

AliquippaAliquippa Mall, 2719 Brodhead Road

Amber, 999 market street

Central Canton1476 Old Brodhead Road

Chippewa TownshipChippewa Center, 2580 Constitution Blvd.

East Rochester, 730 Ohio River Blvd.

Economy, Northern Lights Shoppers City, 1603 State St.

Town of Ellwood, 729 Lawrence Ave.

Hopewell Township, Green garden square.

Midland, 508 Midland Avenue

New Brighton, 816 Third Ave.

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Certain varieties of wine are 50% off at the Fine Wines & Good Spirits store at Yorktown Plaza in Millcreek Township on Oct. 5, 2022. A store official said the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is noting vintages of wine that may need to move to make room for newer wines.

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