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Quincy wants to nip the litter problem in small liquor bottles in the bud – Boston 25 News

QUINCY, Mass. – Tiny liquor bottles appear all over Quincy. The city is now looking at what other cities and towns have done. The mayor is working with the city’s licensing board to ban the sale of nips.

We spotted every type of alcohol under the sun around town. The mayor says public works officials found sprinklings of alcohol in alleyways, on sidewalks, parking lots and even in public restrooms. “It’s not a good first impression,” said one woman. People who live and work in Quincy say it is truly becoming an eyesore. “If there’s a way to get them off the sidewalks, that would definitely be a good thing,” one man said.

Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch worked to ban the sale of all pinches of alcohol in the city. Other communities are already doing this to help prevent litter and pollution of waterways. Something that worries Quincy with 27 miles of coastline. “The pinches go into the storm drains and then into the ocean, which is obviously a problem,” Koch said.

Mayor Koch says they are also concerned about the consumption of cheap alcohol which leads to greater addiction, especially among young people. Liquor licensed businesses are also caught in the middle. “Customers bring them in and raise all the drinks they get in the bathrooms and find them everywhere,” Koch said, “how does the bartender know when you’re doing something on the side or sneaking in the bathroom.”

Quincy has had sewer line issues because people are throwing pinches down the sewers of bars and restaurants. Not everyone sees the problem. “Actually, I don’t see them anywhere. I don’t notice,” one woman told us.

The Quincy License Board is expected to vote on the pinch ban by the summer. The mayor told us that if sales of mini liquor bottles were banned, they would give package stores the option to sell their current stock.

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