The 7 best bartender apps for beginners and professionals


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When bars across the country were forced to go out of business because of the pandemic, we all had to step into the bartender’s shoes. Being able to make the best cocktails at home has gone from a party flex to an essential skill, but mastering the art of the shaker and spoon isn’t as easy as it sounds from a front row seat. in a bar. With the right bartender app and a simple click and scroll, you can learn how to make cocktails – from new recipes and tech guides so you can connect with a wider community of cocktail lovers.

Cocktail and Bartender apps offer real-time instructions and instant accessibility. EEven pros are turning to these apps, using them as an indispensable tool for creating and sharing new recipes with other bartenders and learning new techniques to take their craft to the next level. As bars and restaurants reopen, being able to whip up your favorite cocktails at home will never be a bad skill.

Whether you are a beginner looking to shake Turning your kitchen into your own personal bar or professional mixologist eager to find new craft cocktail recipes or improve your mixing game with new techniques, these are the best bartender apps for the job.

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Ideal for beginners / at home

Cocktail stream

Undoubtedly the cocktail application par excellence, Cocktail streamThe continuously updated selection of hundreds of cocktails, a sleek design and attractive interface, along with easy step-by-step guides make this the perfect starting point for beginners. You can search for different recipes by name or base alcohol, use the ‘Around the World’ collections to find popular cocktails from different countries, download and save your own tasting notes and recipes, and use the “My bar” function to tell the app what kind of ingredients you have on hand, and it will recommend a cocktail based on what you have at home. With endless options, it’s a pleasure to discover as many kinds of cocktails as you can make yourself. Cocktail Flow is available for free on Apple and Android devices.

Perfect drink

One of the most important aspects of making great cocktails is getting the right proportions and amounts of ingredients, and it can be hard to get used to at first. Perfect drink is the first app of its kind, offering real-time interactive instructions on how to mix your drink. The app itself is free and available for Apple and Android, but you have to purchase an accompanying scale that connects to your phone. By placing your glass on the scale and selecting a recipe, the app shows you how much of each ingredient to pour and in what order, how to mix or stir, and even what to do if you pour too much by adjusting the recipe for you. Extremely user-friendly, it will help you gain confidence in your mixing skills, with over 400 cocktail recipes to try in the app.


If you are new to the world of cocktails, bartending, and liquor, you might feel a little lost going to the liquor store. What is the best type of whiskey? Would this mezcal work for the cocktail I’m thinking of? Is it a popular brand of gin? With thousands of reviews from other users, bartenders and professionals in the beverage industry, Distiller will help you choose the perfect bottle for whatever type of cocktail you are looking to make. Simply search for the type of spirits or brand name you are looking for and you will find reviews, ratings, tasting notes, flavor profiles, information about the product itself like the ingredients and the distillation procedure and sellers. And as you find bottles that you like or don’t like, you can also leave your own reviews and tasting notes to help others in the future. It’s free on Android and Apple, but you need to create a profile.

Ideal for pros


As a bona fide mixologist, you’ve gone from mixing basic cocktails to creating your own unique creations, which you can now share with other bartenders and the world on. Highball, available for free from the Apple App Store. Organized into stylish virtual recipe “cards”, you can upload your own cocktail recipes – with ingredients, measurements and technical notes – and once saved to the app platform others can add as well. modifications and suggestions. You can also store your favorites recipes to come back to it.

Modern classics

Any app can show you how to make an old fashioned or dry martini. What about a barrel-aged Negroni from Jeffrey Morgenthaler, or a paper airplane? 99 of those ‘modern classic’ cocktails are compiled here in this $ 10 iPhone application created by legendary cocktail and drink writer Robert Simonson. To determine which essential contemporary cocktails made the cut, Simonson rated them based on three criteria: they must be widely known outside their home bar, they must be revered by the bartending community, and they must be available. on cocktail menus far and wide. For bartenders looking to master all of the true classics of the modern handcrafted cocktail movement, this is a must buy.

For both

8,500+ drinks

Available for free on Android and Apple, this handy app is a great guide to cocktail recipes, whether you’re a home bartender looking to try something new or you’re a pro working behind the bar and just received a order for a cocktail you’ve never heard of. As indicated by his name, this application has recipes for over 8,500 cocktails. You can search by name, ingredients or beverage category and if you want a surprise just tap the “Random” option, shake your phone and the app will suggest a random selection of drinks to make.

The bartender’s choice

This is a scenario that the seasoned bartender is all too familiar with. A customer sits at the bar and does not know what he wants. The bartender asks questions to help narrow the list: what is your favorite type of alcohol, what flavors do you like, what style of cocktail do you prefer? From these answers, the bartender can then prepare a cocktail for the customer to suit their tastes. After years of experience with this exact scene at bars like Attaboy and Milk & Honey, famous bartender Sam Ross created The bartender’s choice. The app asks you questions about alcohol, sensations, style and extras, then recommends the perfect drink; you can also ask the app to surprise you and it will recommend five random recipes for you. Available on iPhone and Android for $ 4.99, this is a great app both for bartenders looking for new ideas for the undecided customers and for home bartenders who don’t know what they’re looking for. want to do.

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