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TOMRA Launches ‘Smallest On The Market’ Reverse Vending Machine For Convenience Stores | Article

TOMRA collection has launched what it says is the smallest three-material reverse vending machine on the market, TOMRA M1, which aims to provide a plug-and-play solution for small retailers to participate in Deposit Return Systems (DRS) .

According to TOMRA, the freestanding reverse vending machine requires just 0.62 square meters of floor space while measuring 98cm wide and 63cm deep and 165cm high.

TOMRA adds that the reverse vending machine can recognize glass, plastic and aluminum beverage containers. The machine can store up to 270 PET bottles, 550 cans and 80 uncrushed glass bottles.

Additionally, the company explains that the TOMRA M1 also features 360-degree instant container recognition technology with TOMRA’s Flow, which aims for faster and more efficient returns. The machine is fully compatible with TOMRA’s portfolio of digital solutions to help stores manage reverse vending machines more efficiently and improve uptime, according to the company.

According to TOMRA, the three-material inverted vending machine – reportedly the smallest on the market – enables small retailers to participate in DRS for multiple materials and beverage container types, even with limited floor and shelf space. The machine is designed for convenience stores and small supermarkets, which TOMRA says are increasingly included in the DRS.

TOMRA M1 is also a ‘plug-and-play’ solution, the company adds, meaning it runs on standard electricity and single-phase power. TOMRA says the machine meets retailers’ demands for a machine that fits existing shelving configurations and sizes.

DRS add a deposit to the price of a beverage, which is refunded to the consumer when they return the empty container for recycling, acting as an incentive to increase collection rates. A recent survey by Suntory Beverage & Food found that DRS can inspire consumers to rethink their relationship with plastic bottles and appreciate their value. However, Tetra Pak’s research suggests that convenience and clarity are needed to fully engage consumers with DRS.

Lars Andersen, Product Manager for TOMRA M1, comments: “TOMRA M1 makes recycling possible in every store.

“One of the main problems faced by small retailers in new markets was the lack of space for an inverted vending machine. However, we believe that smaller retailers who sell a higher volume of beverages could see benefits to their store efficiency and customer experience from automating container returns, which is why the TOMRA M1 was born. .

“This latest reverse vending machine makes it easier for small stores and convenience stores to offer container return points to all of their customers, and contributes to positive environmental outcomes and a healthier planet. We’ve been delighted to work with retailers to develop the TOMRA M1 specifically for their needs.