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Top UK health food stores sign up for Tricia’s NI Healthy Mushroom Cafe

Tricia McNeilly from Otzibrew in Belfast enjoys a cup of award-winning organic chicory and Cordyceps coffee alternative

Among recent customers for its coffee made from medicinal mushrooms is Holland and Barrett (H&B), Britain’s leading health food chain.

As a result of the H&B deal, Otzibrew’s healthy coffee is likely to be on sale in over 700 stores across the UK and beyond. It’s proving increasingly popular with consumers looking for hot beverages without the caffeine “boost”. Otzibrew’s unique drink powders have already been listed by Selfridges, Amazon and Whole Foods stores in Britain.

Tricia says the coffee alternative is currently selling “very well due to growing consumer interest in healthy alternatives, especially caffeine-free beverages.”

The H&B deal is for its unique mushroom-based coffees, such as the novel Organic Chicory and Cordyceps Coffee.

“This is a very important breakthrough for Otzibrew in the extremely competitive UK market,” she adds.

Tricia is ‘delighted’ to supply H&B for 700 organic stores: ‘It’s been a huge boost for my small business from the UK’s largest health food and wellness store since the launch of the new cafe . We worked hard to win this important case. It now gives us extensive coverage across the UK and beyond and is an exciting springboard for even faster growth of my healthcare focused business.

Coffee is the newest and most innovative product developed from medicinal mushrooms harvested for Otzibrew in remote areas. The Belfast-based entrepreneur has dedicated her professional life to creating healthy food and drink which has gone on to achieve international acclaim and successful sales in the UK and beyond.

Tricia founded Otzibrew in 2017 based on extensive nutritional research on healthy drinks in particular. She then embarked on a mission that continues to revolutionize the market for hot drinks, especially coffee.

Having previously launched and successfully brought to market the natural coconut milk and water drink CocoMojo, Tricia also founded Root 66: Highway to Health, a company focused on integrating the health benefits of turmeric into a range of

It was Tricia’s health issues with caffeine-induced headaches that led her to seek out healthy alternatives to coffee: “I loved coffee, but the headaches were terrible. This led me to research the best way to eliminate the addictive properties of caffeine, eradicate headaches, and provide an energy boost without the jitters.

Medicinal mushroom research led Tricia to the cordyceps mushroom, a variety normally native to climates such as the rainforests of the Amazon or the mountaintops of China.

Tricia continues, “There are over 400 species of cordyceps mushrooms, but most health research has been based on Cordyceps Sinensis and Cordyceps Militaris. They have been a common feature in traditional Chinese

medicine for generations. The Beijing government has even approved the use of mushrooms in hospitals across the country. Cordyceps is thought to increase the body’s production of the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecule, which is essential for supplying energy to muscles.

“Several trials have also shown the potential of the cordyceps mushroom as an essential tool in the fight against diabetes. The mushroom appears to mimic the action of insulin and works to lower blood glucose levels, keeping blood sugar levels within a safe range.

Recent accolades for Otzibrew include silver and bronze medals at the prestigious Free from Food Awards in Britain. She caught the eye of a distinguished panel of experts with her unique alternative to organic chicory coffee and cordyceps mushrooms, a hot drink said to support optimal digestive health, regulate appetite, increase energy and mood. endurance and improve memory.

“Otzibrew’s Organic Chicory and Cordyceps Coffee Alternative is a freeze-dried powder made with 100% natural and organic herbal extracts,” she says. “It can be made in a coffee maker for a really good alternative to coffee. It’s the latest result of our mission to unlock the incredible health benefits of naturally occurring medicinal mushrooms and their exceptional powers for longevity, energy and immunity.

The new hot drink also reflects Tricia’s longstanding concern for the environment and is available in eco-friendly paper tubes for added freshness and durability.

“The product is free of caffeine, dairy and gluten. It is also suitable for vegans,” says Tricia.

The award-winning powder is part of a range of three healthy coffee alternatives that also includes organic coconut milk and organic dandelion and burdock.