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Valora will deploy bitcoin terminals in convenience stores in Switzerland

The company has partnered with Start2Coin to allow customers to use cryptocurrencies through the tech company’s wallet.

Valora announced the rollout of bitcoin ATMs in its k kiosk, Press & Books and avec stores. The group has partnered with Start2Coin to allow customers to use and purchase cryptocurrencies through the company’s wallet, further expanding the range of services offered in its Swiss retail network.

This new offer is different from the bitcoin coupons available from Valora since April 2021, where money loaded online must first be converted into bitcoins. The Start2Coin wallet is a small plastic card with a memory chip that costs 29.90 Swiss francs and can be reused an unlimited number of times.

Bitcoin worth up to 1,000 Swiss francs can be loaded every 30 days per card, with a maximum of two transactions of 500 Swiss francs each. Customers need an NFC-enabled smartphone and software developer Tangem’s app to pay and transfer bitcoins without needing to register or provide data. The crypto-currencies are registered in the application via the wallet recharged at the point of sale.

Start2Coin is backed by Sweepay AG, a financial intermediary based in Switzerland. Valora is currently rolling out this step-by-step service to approximately 950,000 newsstand, Press & Books and avec outlets across the country.

The group’s points of sale have evolved by adding several different services to its points of sale. Latest additions include rental of umbrellas and solar-charged Chimpy power banks as well as new payment and pick-up/drop-off options.

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