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Why can’t I ship alcohol to Texas?

Texas is a known place for freedom, so it really stands out when other states have freedoms that we don’t. One thing that really bugs my skin is that I can’t buy whiskey from a distillery and have it shipped to my house.

One of my favorite things to do is buy whiskey from boutique distilleries which can have a little imprint. Not all good, but it is a way to get very limited whiskey for a reasonable price. I also like getting some distilleries-only selections that you can’t get at your local liquor store.

How do we do it? The only way is to get to the location of the distillery, which can be anywhere in the United States or around the world, or have it shipped. It makes sense, right? Wrong!

Texas does not allow you to ship alcohol from a distillery. It’s part of the good old man club that has moved to the state of Texas. Texas requires you to go through a state retailer. Texas Tribune reviews it all here. The only way to get alcohol from the retailer is to ship it to a distributor who has a distribution license in Texas. A small out-of-state distillery won’t be licensed to sell to a state-owned distributor, so you’ll start driving all over the United States again if you want to take home something special.

So why is Texas doing this? Texas is doing this to protect retailers. If you can buy direct from the out-of-state distillery, you won’t buy from retailers at a mark-up. It’s the same reason you can’t buy alcohol at Costco or Walmart. A liquor retailer cannot be owned by a business; it must be owned by an individual. This is also why you don’t see liquor stores open on Sundays. If they were open on Sunday, then all the retailers would need workers on Sunday, and that would cost more. Everything revolves around this crazy concept of keeping the owners of small liquor stores safe.

The problem is, it hurts the consumer. You will have to pay more out of pocket as you have to pay the distillery, distributor, and retailer their share of the profits before you can take your booze home with you. It also means that you can’t get a lot of whiskeys outside of the state. That has to change in Texas.

So the next time an out-of-state friend visits you with one of the best whiskeys you’ve ever tasted, but can’t get it here, call your local representative. State and tell him you want a change. The entire Texas process protects the retailer at the expense and freedom of the consumer.

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