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Will football fans drink alcohol at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

Everything you want to familiarize yourself with the standards of alcohol polishing in the World Cup in Qatar.

Having a drink in football is normal practice in football as a fan.

Whether it’s on the couch in front of the TV with friends, or in a plastic cup outside the floor on a Saturday night. A mix has turned into a soul changing experience for some admirers of the game.

Comparable customs are, of course, duplicated across Europe, the Americas and the rest of the football-loving world. A champion element of Britain’s trip to the semi-final World Cup in 2018, for example, was the frenzied viral fests captured every time they scored. All the more explicit, the image of a few hundred glasses sent as far as the eye can see, each objective celebrated.

The 2022 World Cup will take place in Qatar, an Islamic country in the Center East. The use of alcohol is restricted in Islam and alcohol-fueled scenes, for example, those at the 2018 World Cup do not match the host country’s alcohol strategies.

As a result, traveling fans, especially those attending large gatherings, should adjust their behavior in the Bay State. Here, Objective examines the kind of limitations Allies should expect when it comes to the use of alcohol at Qatar 2022.

Would you be able to enjoy Qatar’s alcohol at any time?

Indeed, you can enjoy Qatar alcohol assuming you are 21 and over. Nonetheless, the country’s relationship with lagers, wines, spirits, and in between is severe.

What are the rules of authority?

Drinking alcohol or being tanked in broad daylight is an offense in Qatar. According to the UK government’s movement guidelines for Qatar, “savoring a public place could result in a prison sentence of up to six months as well as a fine of up to QAR 3,000”.

Alcohol is simply available for purchase at licensed accommodation restaurants and bars.

Although there is a licensing framework for the ostracized living in Qatar. You should not carry alcohol in the open, except by collecting it when the assortment arrives.

As noted, the legal drinking age in Qatar is 21 and foundations that serve alcohol will ask for government-issued photo ID on the section.

While you’re not allowed to be tanked openly in Qatar, there will likely be a slight unraveling of principles all over the Planet Cup. If, despite this, fans participate in acts such as firecrackers or flares, get into a fight or take part in any other movement considered hostile to society, they could risk a fine or even expulsion from Qatar. .

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Will alcohol be sold in World Cup arenas?

Indeed, alcohol will be sold in Qatari arenas during the World Cup. Lager will be sold and available to fans three hours before and one hour after the start. It will not be accessible during matches.


A strategy was devised by the competition coordinators so that fans actually wanted to make it inside the arena’s eight enclosures, but not in the lobby snack bars.

Where else will fans be allowed to drink?

There might be a few potential choices for allies outside of arena areas. The celebration of 40,000 FIFA fans will take place at Al Bidda Park, which is in the center of Doha, despite the fact that there will be limits on what time fans will actually want to drink. It is normal for fans to hold out until 6:30 p.m. nearby, possibility to enjoy fan zone alcohol.